Well maintained villa with seaview in Benalmádena

Well maintained villa with seaview in Benalmádena

Well maintained villa with seaview in Benalmádena

Calle Jara, Benalmádena Costa, Benalmádena, Costa del Sol Occidental, Malaga, Andalusia, 29631, Spain

For Sale

€449,000 €

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  • BP-MA-20-01
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150 m2

Lot Size

855 m2


Well maintained villa for sale in Urbanisation Monte Alto in Benalmádena, close to Benalmádena Pueblo and with seaview.

3 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, ample kitchen and livingroom, all on one floor, 150 m2 built. Situated on an elevated plot of 855 m2 with an impressive wall in a cul-de-sac of a quiet area.

Distribution: large hall, large living room with dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms with large fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms.

Outside: large porch, leisure area, barbecue, fruit trees, heated covered pool with cover that can be opened, 1 toilet, vegetable garden.

Garage of 40 m2 for two cars and a separate building that can be used as a workplace or office of 26m².

Electric shutters, double windows, air conditioning and solar panels for hot water. The property has an elevator for 4 persons with three stops: garagelevel, pool level and house level. Property on loading wall (37cm thick with insulating chamber) there are no pilars in the house. The villa can be accessed from the street throught impressive stairs or from the garage with the elevator. In the garden there are 11 trees and a BBQ area. Askingprice: €449.000

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