Purchase Support

Buying a property in Spain is relatively straightforward and will pose no problem as long as the correct steps are followed. FloraHome Real Estate will happily guide you through the purchase process and make it as carefree as possible.

Once you have decided on a property you wish to buy, we will start negotiating on your behalf as part of our buying guidance. We will of course do our utmost to get the necessary background information from the seller in order for you to make an appropriate offer.

When the seller has accepted your offer, we will make up a reservation contract. You as a buyer will then get time to apply for a mortgage (if needed) and to get a lawyer who verifies if all permits are in order, if there aren’t any unpaid debts resting on the property and make sure everything that belongs to the property is legal. To take the property off the market you will need to make a down payment.

If you do not already have a lawyer, it is recommended that you engage one to safeguard your interests throughout the purchase. We can recommend one to you that can assist you in your language of preference.

The lawyer will safeguard your interest and perform a due diligence in order to verify that the acquisition is not hiding any unpleasant surprises. Furthermore the lawyer will take care of all the paperwork and organize everything on your behalf (apply for NIE, help you in opening a bank account, organizing automatic payments for utilities, etc). This will be done for a fixed price. We cannot stress the importance of that enough. It is worth every penny.

We can guide you through your journey to find your dream property on the Costa del Sol. And once we’ve found it, make sure to check out our extra services, too!