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Flora de Jong

After being a well integrated ‘local’ in the Benalmádena community for over 20 years, she built an extensive network. Flora is one of the very few Real Estate Agents that has a Master degree in ‘Profesional en Dirección y Gestion Inmobiliaria’ at Business school Euroinnova in cooperation with the faculty of Economia y Empresas of the University of Barcelona. Therefore certified to join the CO-API, Colegio Oficial de Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria, also GIPE AsociaciónProfesional de GestoresIntermediadores de Edificaciones. This is now more important than ever since the law is going to change in this business. Within time only agents that have a ‘real’ diploma that can apply for membership of API and GIPE will be able to operate as a Real Estate agent. It is also the only guarantee you are dealing with a true professional.   While she is a strong negotiator and advocate for her clients, she is just as much a compassionate, friendly partner who eases the process that can often be quite stressful. A sharp eye for seeing the potential of a property enables her to find creative solutions for each clients’ needs.

Flora speaks Spanish, Dutch, English and German.

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