Help us sell your property faster

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is certainly true when you’re selling a property. Professional and attractive photos and sometimes videos are crucial when promoting your property. To take good photos of your property your help is indispensable. It’s important that you take a critical look at the state and presentation of your property before the photoshoot takes place. Your property needs to be tidy and clean, and should come across as spacious and inviting. Hide everything that doesn’t contribute positively to these requirements. All rooms should be as bright as possible.

FloraHome Real Estate will take care of taking professional photos during daytime for free. For exclusive properties we also advice taking a video. We can provide this service for an extra fee. Professional and atractive photos and videos in combination with a realistic asking price will significantly increase the amount of people who will be interested in your property, and will shorten the sales process. We have an extensive infrastructure (own client database, newsletters, social media, various advertisement platforms) to then promote your property as effectively as possible.

Together we’ll make this into a success!