R A N C H O ~ D O M I N G O Magnificent villa in Benalmádena Pueblo

R A N C H O ~ D O M I N G O Magnificent villa in Benalmádena Pueblo

R A N C H O ~ D O M I N G O Magnificent villa in Benalmádena Pueblo

Calle Verdi, Benalmádena Costa, Benalmádena, Costa del Sol Occidental, Malaga, Andalusia, 29639, Spain

For Sale

€2,450,000 €

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584 m2

Year Built


Lot Size

2600 m2


Villa Quijote 

Urbanización Rancho Domingo, outlined by the world-famous architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Robert Mosher, therein rests the prestigious  Villa Quijote. 

Well situated in the hills of Benalmadena Pueblo and opposite the International Hospital Vitas Xanit, Villa Quijote provides majestic views of the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean Sea. Absolute tranquility, privacy and an abundance of special features that complete this stylish home. 

Upon entering the main residence one immediately recognises the home’s thoughtful design. As the principal living area and Great Room provide the perfect annex to the homes gardens, kitchen and sleeping quarters. 

Opposite the grand fireplace, the villa’s master bedroom provides ample privacy and access to the lower gardens, home office, master wardrobes and baths

A second ensuite, offers guests a discreet kitchenette, twin baths and balconies  where one can enjoy the tremendous views of Benalmadena Costa. 

An abundance of natural light illuminates the principle hallway, library and wet bar. Offering the perfect setting for welcoming guests, meanwhile, providing access to the home’s adjacent guest rooms.

Each of the two generously appointed guest rooms have private access to their dedicated terraces. 

The kitchen is furnished entirely of Gaggenau Professional Appliances, including a separate housekeeping area outfitted with a walk-in refrigerator and convenient access to the garage. 

Exiting south from the Great Room, one is met by the Heated Salt Water Pool, framed perfectly by the homes manicured gardens, outdoor shower area and full service wet bar.

The Covered Outdoor Dining area, outfitted with automated awning systems and designer furnishings, allow for luxurious dinners with all the desired comforts. 

With parking suitable for 3 vehicles, the second garage also plays host to the villa’s temperature controlled wine cellar, a must for any gastronome. 

Connecting the homes lower and upper gardens, a sauna and second outdoor shower offers yet another private refuge – perfect for the winter months,

At the rear of the upper gardens, constructed of local stone, the guest house includes a full bath, kitchen and exclusive terrace. 

Here you will also find ample space for the Villa’s vegetable garden and Workshop.  

Villa Quijote, a truly beautiful property right in the heart Benalmadena Pueblo.

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