S O L D Duplex Penthouse – in the heart of Benalmádena Pueblo

S O L D   Duplex Penthouse – in the heart of Benalmádena Pueblo

S O L D Duplex Penthouse – in the heart of Benalmádena Pueblo

Calle Biznaga, 29639 Benalmadena, Spain



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  • A30A6314-8A33-41F4-A75C-A8DF1C3929BA
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Large two storey penthouse in the heart of lovely Benalmádena Pueblo with wonderful seaview. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, marble flooring, 2 terraces, 150+ m2! Sharply priced.

Benalmádena Pueblo with its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and bougainvillea spilling from balconies are all part of the picture at Benalmadena Pueblo on Spain’s Costa del Sol. So are the mountain and sea views that frame this peaceful hillside village. And it all comes with a relaxed vibe that has locals chilling out alongside the numerous bars and restaurants. From the orange tree-lined main square, Plaza de Espana, narrow streets take you to the Iglesia de Santa Domingo, a pretty little whitewashed church. Just below the village is the quirky Castillo De Colomares, a modern-day castle with a fairytale design. Surprisingly, there’s also a huge Buddhist monument, the Estupa de la Illuminacion, here as well.

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