Dream Villa – Dream Location

Dream Villa – Dream Location

Dream Villa – Dream Location

Mijas, Costa del Sol Occidental, Malaga, Andalusia, 29651, Spain


725,000€ €

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325 m2

Lot Size

525 m2


Located within the highly desirable Urbanización la Sierrezuela, Mijas, this beautifully renovated property enjoys dramatic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea from the hills of Mijas Costa. 

Boasting 6 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an independent studio with a bedroom, kitchen and own bathroom – The sales price is currently lower than the valuation price.

The villa is divided into three floors. 

The first boasting an impressive foyer with grand staircase leading one to the second floor. Adjacent, a large contemporary kitchen, office area, spacious living room and dining room. Finally, a guest bedroom and dedicated bath. Large gallery windows and French doors reveal the stunning gardens, including an expansive swimming pool area, terraces, tended grass lawn and  children’s playground.

On the second floor, one will find the master ensuite, with a well appointed master bath and wardrobe, exclusive terrace and a flood of natural light thanks to the skylights overhead. On the other side of the second floor, 3 more spacious bedrooms and 1 full bath. Two of the three bedrooms enjoy exclusive access to their own terraces. 

Finally, on the villa’s lower level, a finished basement offers a play area, private office, laundry room, bathroom and exclusive access to the gardens. 

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